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Kacitech provides a full combined inspection and test on your electrical equipment to ensure that your equipment is maintained and in a safe condition at the time of test. The test reports and certificate of testing from Kacitech will provide evidence that risk assessment based testing has taken place to ensure compliance with regulations. Using professional test equipment that is calibrated and fully traceable to national standards you can be assured of accurate and safe testing. 

Guidance informatio in this page is provided from the HSE and the IET. We recommend you are familiar with the requirements applicable to your business with regards to Electrical Safety.

Based in Codsall, Kacitech covers the geographical areas or Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.
For other areas, please contact us and we can recommend a reliable service in your area.

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  • WHAT IS PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING? - Also known as PAT Testing, this is the term that is used for the examination and electrical testing to ensure equipment is safe. This consists of both a visual examination and testing using test equipment.
  • IS PAT TESTING ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT LAW? - No, the applicable regulation is The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and this states that electrical equipment could potentially cause harm or injury and therefore should be maintained in a safe condition. The regulation however does not state what needs to be done or by who. It also doesn't specify how frequently testing should take place. Read more.
  • WHY DO I NEED PAT TESTING? - The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states that equipment should be maintained in safe condition. This can be achieved by means of risk based assessment, combined visual inspection and electrical testing where applicable. Therefore PAT testing can form part of your policy to ensure equipment is safe and provides recorded evidence. 
  • DOES A PAT TESTER NEED TO BE AN ELECTRICIAN? - No. The person doing the testing must be competent to do it. This means the tester must have the level of knowledge and experience needed to undertake combined inspection and testing, having the right equipment, having an ability to use it properly and be able to understand the test results. Similarly there is not an obligation for a PAT Tester to belong to a registered body or organisation. Read more.
  • HOW DO I KNOW YOU ARE 'COMPETENT'? - Kacitech PAT Testing is carried out by an experienced qualified Technician Engineer with upto date PAT Testing specific City and Guilds Qualifcation (2377 - In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment - PAT Testing).
  • HOW OFTEN IS PAT TESTING REEQUIRED? - This will depend on the equipment type, location of the equipment being tested and how frequently it is used. The responsible person should carry out a risk based assessment on the equipment to determine the frequency. This should be periodically reviewed since the environment or conditions may change and subsequently increase or decrease the risk of danger using the appliance over time.
  • DO YOU WORK TO ANY GUIDELINES? - Kacitech PAT Testing follows the guidelines as outlined in the IET 4TH Edition Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Equipment. A complete combined inspection and test will be carried out with inspection results and certifate of testing supplied.  Read more.

Service Supplied

Testing to the guidelines within the IET 4th Edition Code of Practice will include a visual examination for damage or excessive wear and tear, a check of wiring and fuse within the mains plug, carrying out an electrical test for earth and insulation where applicable, labelling of equipment to identify that it has been tested and recording evidence of the test for certification purposes.

Copies of the report and certificate will be provided electronicallly (PDF) for your records and to print if required.

Pricing Information

Pricing depends on the number of items that require testing, where the equipment is located and the specific requirements of the client.

Please contact for a quote, including your location, location type i.e. factory, office, mobile etc. and approximate number of items. 

Please note that mains cables and extension leads are classed as one item and require testing individually.

If you have any other questions or require further information,
please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

PAT Testing

PAT Testing - Any individual or organisation that uses electrical equipment should ensure that is is safe and maintained. Some business types are outlined below. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

Portable Appliance Testing for Bands and Performers


Mobile entertainers carry a lot of equipment around and it is more exposed to risk than that of static equipment. Some venues request that equipment has evidence of PAT testing. 

Portable Appliance Testing for Schools and Colleges


There are many types of electrical equipment in educational establishments and it is important that all equipment is maintained and safe.

Portable Appliance Testing for Shops, Restaurants and Bars


Whether it be for the safety of employees or the general public, it is important to ensure that where they are exposed to electrical equipment it is safe.

Portable Appliance Testing for Workshops and Factories


Tools and equipment used in factories and workshops should be safe for the employees to use. Ensure a risk based assessment for combined inspection and testing is in place.

Portable Appliance Testing for Mobile Services


From builders and plumbers to hairdressers and nail beauticians, all  electrical equipment that is carried around is at greater risk of wear and tear or damage. Ensure your equipment is safe and maintained

Portable Appliance Testing for Shops, Restaurants and Bars


Whether it be for the safety of staff, performers or the general public, ensure electrical equipment is safe.

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Kacitech provides Pat Testing in the following areas. 
Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands. Stafford, Stoke, Codsall, Wolvehampton, Dudley, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Shrewsbury, Telford, Bridgnorth.

South Staffordshire,
England, UK.


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